The Noise Project which was a three-days event was one of the few video-sound performances in the Tehran in the past couple of years focusing particularly on this medium.

We might believe in the interactivity of art, yet when we face an artwork designed to interact with the viewer, we have no choice but to hope that the viewer behaves correctly in front of the artwork. These days viewers do not have a bad taste; they enjoy a limited taste and are responsible for that. And we, who suppose that somebody somewhere is worried about the destiny of Iranian art, should hope that the same person thinks of a solution for the viewer as well

This interactive artwork of Pooya Taghaddosi and Mehdi Mo’meni was left alone where it was standing. Probably the lighting and arrangement of the stage was suffering bad taste due to lack of facilities. Yet, it was an intriguing artwork in itself. Maybe what is most required for such an artworks is a viewer who loses himself in front of the artwork. Most of the time, he passes it without paying attention. Probably, he does not know what his role is. The keys of this small keyboard gave too much freedom to the viewer to be the one who chooses letters of a sentence on the wall, exactly the same sentence that he needs.