New forms always challenge the viewer: a kind of novelty which in our still limited art geography, might have a different definition. A viewer is always interested in this novelty: form holds him, challenges him, opens his eyes or closes them. In the next step, which is more important, the viewer looks beneath the form and looks for something further in the artworks, asks for something.

In these dissected photographs of Golnar Adili, there is something to search for. Something that you can find. Adili has a poetical mind. When standing in front of these photographs I had the feeling I’m standing in front of a human mind, in front of a page of a dream, a place where images are interwoven and intertwined, where images are not narrated but sung.

She says her view is ‘scattered and abstract’. The viewer detects this: a divided look at artist’s abstraction of her life and her world which oscillates between a now and a future. An abstraction that can be admired. A look which transmits itself.

An artists who knows herself well. To her, form is an instrument not something to show off.