How would you feel, if you know the annoying sounds and images of your city – repeated so much that has become annoying or indifferent, are the shared experiences of living in a metropolis. Vedad Famourzadeh, resident of Australia, passed his first weeks there, intersecting his experiences of Tehran and Sydney. He found them mostly at intersections of streets. Sounds of these intersections emphasized his existence in a city; sounds of people not attentive to each other; people waiting for the bus, standing in a queue or sitting at the station, perhaps playing with their cellphones, alienated. Tehran or Sydney makes no difference. Famourzadeh has recorded the sounds of the city and plays them in the gallery. The visitors are at the same time confronted with an album on whose right side is English or Persian writings, and on the left side photos taken of Tehran and Sydney.  When turning the pages, the photos  change through a video projector. Thus, the intersection of Tehran and Sydney can be understood at the same time through three media: writing, image and sound