We are guilty, they are innocent. They listen to their instinct, are complete in themselves. Nay, whatever they are, they are acceptable and reasonable. We are the ones who must obey without saying a word, without complaining. It is  us who tempts them and drags them into sin. They are exonerated beforehand and we are condemned beforehand.’ Quoted from Neda Hadizadeh’s catalogue for her exhibition at Mohsen Gallery .

Tehran is burning in the fever of expressionism. Everywhere you go you see expressionist and abstract expressionist canvases.

Stitching. Gluing. Glass work. Wood work.

Hadizadeh narrates  sexual moments in closed frames, a narrative formed between fingers. It is as if whatever it points out, is mentioned in the first lines of the catalogue.

An art handled superficially. Lines that are… Colours that are.. Adhesive plasters that are… Addressees that are….

The lines led me nowhere. Drawings play with colour.

Colours play with lines.

And adhesive plasters do the same. That’s all.

And viewers who are… that’s all.

I didn’t see the canvases. You couldn’t. I didn’t want to. I couldn’t. I held the catalogue in my hands and flipped through it. I was looking for something that wasn’t there. There is a difference between simplicity and superficiality yet …

We are guilty, they are innocent. More than that, whatever they are, they are acceptable. And reasonable. Without a word. Without complaining.