Let’s scrutinize: what exactly is Hamideh Razavi ‘doing’? She prints images of classical movie stars on ashtrays (representation of representation) then she photographs it (a rendering) placing it next to the real ashtray. Yet the ashtray is unusable (the print is on transparent label. It can easily burn). It is not for sale either. She also includes a video of the same photos in the exhibition (multiple representation). The prices are high, much more than a poster of the same stars, yet the ashtrays are of cheap quality. At first, you consider the cigarette butts as an iconoclastic act, then you realize the trace of lipstick on the cigarette butt and think of movie stars’ stylish habit of smoking (reflected in this very photograph). When you weigh everything you come to this conclusion that the iconographic function of these images are superior to their iconoclast  quality and you wish the ashtrays were presented for sale and the photos for aesthetic pleasure