Ali Nassir: Black is the most exciting and frightening colour in the material world; it is the messenger of silence and the opposite of light. It has a materialist quality not found in any other colour.  The play of imagination with the possibilities of this colour bridges the gap between material and soul. Vahid Hakim uses black as a changeable element, and as such, reduces its domination and magnetic effect. Vahid Hakim’s artworks in Asar Gallery form a series whose core concept is leaving a trace and effect: it is at the same time surface and depth, darkness and brightness, and in deeper layers, presence and absence, appearance and disappearance, recording with a vague memory and presence of being lost. The fact that he reduces his artwork to the least words possible shows that he is neither a formalist nor an advocate of plurality of subject. Such conciseness, is nothing but accentuating the effect of content and richness of a sensational experience: an experience creating a space where the border between sense and life is blurred; a point where comprehension and incomprehension are not distinct.