From forged pretextualities to fake hermeneutics, from poster-filling titles to non-sense artist statements. These days the distance between the walls of Tehran galleries has decreased and they have become more similar than before, walls covered in metal shells decorated with planes of steel. The attraction of material has left no room for the weak body of idea and has reached such a point where the difference between ‘work’ and ‘artwork’ is to be decided by the space of exhibition, a space which, through creating new brands out of artists’ names, advertises examples of cutting and printing machines with strange prices.

We speak of a disease here: artist statement as a work of art! A disease which has since long become epidemic. The reason is ‘market’ and the source is ‘gallery’ and the product is an object which no wall except the gallery will tolerate. Outside of its thin skin of artist statement, the work is no longer effective. Here, it is still literature that has to fill the gaps.