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This is the second part of Hajar Nasseri Zaker and Sorayya Sharghi’s response to two of my texts on ‘Text and Image’ (here and here) which discussed their art intervention in Amir Mobed’s performance at Azad Art Gallery. We publish it as a democratic gesture


We didn’t even approach the artists. We only forced the dominant atmosphere to react for a couple of minutes. Even the artist who was used to impressing the viewers like an idol was shocked in confrontation with the illogical. For a couple of minutes, the viewers and the artist experienced a space irrelevant to the previous logical and conceptual atmosphere and after a couple of minutes everything was back to normal. ‘The meaning of our work was in itself … completely meaningless.’ Our frankness created a wave of criticism which expresses certain truths in an unpleasant form and that is sad. Alas, they consider any new expression superficial … and consider a generation which is the outcome of the previous as a lampoon in depth. How is it that the previous generation is the depth of their successors? We want to know what determines depth?