Nazgol Ansarinia’s collage shows a sheet of newspaper, one of those which are touched, flipped through and read everyday. Here, the artist illustrates the words which are added to photos on a daily basis circulated in thousands of copies everyday. The words that narrate different things: from piled up buildings in Tehran, to hostage taking, fall of Gaddafi or riots in London in August 2011. Newspaper is newspaper, a collection of current events, a combination of words and images. It allows us to touch the events with our eyes, just as mirror mosaics do. Mirror-mosaics reflect a deformed image of objects according to where the viewer stands. These hexagonal grids recall the multisidedness of words. Here the artist invites the spectator to watch this passing of the present, as she does. This collage links past and present.

The mirror reflects an honest image of how things appear. In the mirror, objects are closer than they appear. But, what about broken mirrors? And fragmented mirrors? What about mirror-mosaics?