Far from being a situation, waiting is a human condition. An independent definition of being. Waiting limits your world similar to a circle without objective counterparts outside it. No matter what one is waiting for, waiting is limited to one person. Waiting is something personal. Even if those who wait are a thousand, waiting remains something solitary.

Tehran is a colorless city. It is the city of anxiety. Full of images. Images of events, of memories, full of unfulfilled waiting. Full of human… A city that itself is waiting. A city that limits your world as a circle without objective counterparts outside it.

The people of Tehran are reserved. They mind their own business. Here, traffic is dense and absent minded. It is to watch something which has been stagnant for years. To watch and remember what is forgotten for years. This is the miracle of this colorless city.

This is when a city becomes colored with waiting, when a city becomes aware of itself, even for half an hour… With this re-performance, Mohammad Hosseini uses the theme of waiting to free a city from being reserved, to return people to the city. To remind us that some in this city neither tolerate colour, nor waiting.