Marcel Duchamp attached a bottle brush perpendicular to his last painting. He was bored of painting at that time and therefore he named the work, ‘Tu m’ ‘ an abbreviation for, ‘Tu m’emmerdes’ or ‘Tu m’ennuies’ (You bore me.)  One of the characteristics of this work was that you did not know from which angle to look at it. If you look from the front, you would not see the brush properly; if you looked from the side, you would not see the painting properly. There was no proper way for seeing this painting. There is no proper way for seeing this circular work of Mahsa Karimizadeh either which is made up of circular elements like the rest of her exhibition. It forces you to move around it each time seeing something different. With its little thickness, it is still a sculpture. It is carefully crafted with a modernist touch. However, one should wait and see if this modernist beauty bores Mahsa too or not.