This work by Sahand Hesamiyan is beautiful but difficult. Placed nearly in the middle of the exhibition, shiny and bright, it is installed above our heads in a corner. The symmetry of the reflecting surface of the empty volume amplified by the adjacent wall, brings us face to face with the lion’s head. We realize our own image perhaps glowing with a glitter on one of its edges. Yet, when I stand in front of it, I don’t see myself, I cannot. The illusion of the title of the artworks remains an illusion. The lion has swallowed what other artworks have to say and creates an reversed situation around itself. This is the difficulty of the golden lion, the juxtaposition of a ‘nice and neat’ beauty such as this one and the abundance of images such as that of Iran’s previous flag, of which this lion reminds me, as well as the fact that I don’t see myself in this lion, are difficult. It is difficult for me to be a hero.