It is crucial to understand why we are asked to practice the act of execution. A model is prepared for our possible action, the same action that was once coined as ’emancipatory’. If we are not careful enough and pay no attention to the obvious move of the green and silver sticks in opposite directions, we may enter the game and take the only available choice. Thereupon, the mirror will double the image of the hung figure and project it over the reflection of our face. And this all is called a game. Now what? What shall I do? What should I expect? Should I look for a shock that is even hardly imaginable? Should I just overlook the lame statement that pronounces applying the monarchic violence was as a game for us? Should I be amazed that the crude solution of direct representation in constructing a narration (showing how simply people get hung in large numbers) is replaced with an interactive artwork? Furthermore, I hope that the significance of a revolutionary interaction has not been what is there to grasp. I still do not realize why we are asked to practice the act of execution. In addition to underestimation of the audience, what is there to be understood is the attempt of a group of artists to reproduce the totalitarian atmosphere surpassing their actual source of inspiration, with no interest in standing aside to welcome the unpredictable results of contacting the body of the other thoughts.