Although art censorship attempts at blocking art creation, it enables certain representations as well. It generates limitations but also induces reactions to them; it imposes silence but at the same time provokes responses. Hence, while an ordinary representation of a kiss is prohibited, this does not imply the death of kiss as a common symbol of love within the society. This is the first interpretation that comes to mind when seeing this artwork, since it cannot be read without an eye to social issues.  Sociological readings put aside, such representations have provoked debates in art history. Here we see a woman’s feet standing on tiptoes to reach the height of the man. While men are usually taller than women and such representation might appear natural, it has evoked feminist critiques due to the popularity of the gesture in American movies of 1950s. Feminists believe, that this way the woman is relying on the man for balance/support. Therefore, it is interpreted as a symbol of submission, and a tendency from traditional society to see women relying and dependent upon men.

On the other hand, foot fetishism is the most common sexual fetishism, thus, the sculpture not only contains sexual references, but also strong sexual features.