The difference between this work and the rest of Control Tower exhibition is that this artwork is to be ‘heard’. You wear the headphones and listen to the artist’s personal narrative and imagine the rest. The artist is directly in communication with the audience through story-telling or, to put it better, by telling her memoir. Here, the audience’s imagination forms the artwork as a visual piece.

Willingly or not, the artwork is also present in other pieces in the show. After listening to the story, which on one hand is very personal but on the other, very collective, the audience walks around the gallery filled with photos, installations and loads of things that can, directly or indirectly, refer to the story and as such, the story floats in the gallery space.

Although the story is about a rug lost in an air travel, the tasteful artist places a rug in front of the eyes of her audience. The story is about something that is not there anymore, however, we are staring at this not-being as we listen to the story!