The hoof suddenly starts to speak in a new language, a twisted tongue that manages to reveal itself with other seminal readings. In its forcible removal from the wider torso, it starts to unravel a more phallic meaning, of circumcised and phantom qualities- we, the audience, are left with its serialised incarnations in a variety of hues – trying to understand its lonely might. The form of the hat at its peak is decorated with ornamental calligraphy texts which further imbues the object a form of flattery and therefore it starts to represent a form of beauty. This series of paintings by Poyan are like his previous works in their relation to the notion of power, wealth and beauty. These pastel shades could be otherwise read as Disneyfied condoms or the disabled trophies of a once powerful presence?  The hooves, floating against a flat background propose, incite as they start to provide and, as such, they act as a vehicle for our imagination, formulating a space that reveals and re-evaluates our fear and prejudice, of past desires and the modern that has rewarded us with trivial sensibilities.