This diptych artwork takes a contradictive action. On the left, we see a scene from a computer game and on the right–based on other pieces in the collection–it ought to be a fuzzy screen. But it is not: the picture on right must be a painted still-frame from a black and white footage showing some details from some abstract expressionist artwork by an artist such as Pollock or De Kooning! Well, this makes a connection with the cowboys on the left. However, this connect/contrast relation tends to divide everything into ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ blowing the atmosphere inside this everything: the game of cowboys ‘has gotten in as an outsider’ meaning the AV cable is its connector to us and the television (of course the metaphor is believable as long as a decided one.) The other picture is associated with the most common colour broadcasting systems used in Iran and can be regarded as a metaphor for the tragedy of watching the style which is all sensuality, expression and excitement without any colour; noticeably through a channel from the ‘inside’. But these explanations, though they might be the best creativity can produce, just lead to a cycle of lethargy and tediousness caused by irrelevant usage of a critical flavour, emphasizing the formal incapability of the pictures–with extensive looks and dull colors–in direct terms. By visiting this series of works, what I wish I had seen is an exquisite illustration of a fuzzy television screen. That is all.