Not many women have represented eroticism in visual arts, yet they have striven to provide a language for articulating heterosexual female desires rendering male bodies as its objects. But images of men by women are rarely static, in contrast to the way the majority of fetishized images of women are superficially rendered in art history. It is fascinating to see that women artists have tended to explore male bodies in action. The first and the best examples are Elaine De Kooning’s representations of male athletes. Here, Rozita Sharafjahan gives a more contemporary narrative of such a  desire at Mah-e-Mehr Gallery. She illustrates Behrooz Vosughi, an Iranian movie star and sex icon of the artist’s youth, emphasizing his actions and agency by adding some real daggers to the painting. Blurred photos of female singers and actresses in the background serves as a tool to attract the viewer’s attention to the main subject.