Bavand Behpoor: This poster by Behzad Shishehgaran is intriguing for me for many reasons. Not only since it was done in Dec. 1980.  (When I was entering this world, the Shishehgaran brothers were making posters paid for by people and themselves. What we can do today and is not that illegal yet is to make websites and weblogs.) Not only because the strange formalism of that time is present in the work. Not only because Shishehgaran’s slim poster is produced in the cheapest way: in mono-colour and on graph paper. On top of it, it is written, ‘For the development of progressive and revolutionary art. The costs of this poster is paid by a group of people. To contact us, write to: P.O.Box: 536/13, District 13’. If it was today, he would not even leave his email. But apart from all that: it is intriguing how once progressive and revolutionary art were one and the same thing. On top of the poster it is written, ‘Motto Art’, as something positive! Those days they knew what they were doing.