This artwork by Hossein Zeinalpoor brings Ji Lee’s 3D chessboard to mind. They both include with the same political surplus, mostly rooted in the political structure of this game and in the sameness of politics and game. They both have the same starting point: the point of making a move. Definite rules are prerequisite of this action. Accepting the rules is to accept a system–the system of the game. To start the game is to fully accept all its rules. Even disobeying one single rule destroys the system; an absolute and unconditional system of zeros and ones, of black and white, where moderateness has no place and confrontation is the only discourse.

The rules define the direction and amount of movement, and in other words, the quality of distribution of power which is not vertical, rather horizontal, because the power pyramid is flattened by signs. Here, a redefinition of politics is identical to creating such an illusion in the space.

Seeing this artwork reminds me how time weakens memory, how regulations turn into tradition and systems transform into habits. For disarranging the pyramid it suffices to remove a single brick.