Behnam Kamrani’s show titled ‘Edge’ was at display at Aun Gallery. The works were based on cultural and media stereotypes. Lack of attention or too much attention to previous experiences had made his choices and viewpoints appear commonplace. Playing with icons such as dagger as a symbol for the patriarchal culture is not new. His big metal daggers recalled Gizella Sinaee’s big coloured knives, while the Mickey Mouse character of his paintings had recently appeared in an exhibition by Samira Eskandarfar at Mohsen Gallery under the title of Mickey Mask. The safe market for such artworks has made them similar. In this process, the customer’s demand is the most important factor in creating artworks. The problem influences the subjects and defines the medium and tools. Although approaches to Pop Art has have led to valuable artworks in Iranian contemporary arts, the artists must be more astute to move further