There are artworks which are only understandable in the context of art history. There are other works which explain themselves. Samadzadegan’s paintings are from the former group. You should be familiar with the artists with which this artist is familiar in order to judge this painting beautiful. The painting goes different ways. My mind goes two ways: one, because of the juxtaposition of architecture and decoration, is Aldof Loos’ article, Crime and Ornament where he claims, ‘I made the following discovery, which I passed on to the world: the evolution of culture is synonymous with the removal of ornamentation from objects of everyday use. I thought by doing so I would bring joy to the world: it has not thanked me for it. People could no longer create new ornament.’ Loos’ saying might appear morbid today since ornament still has its own charm. It is why it also reminds me of this work by Richard Wright which one Turner Prize, 2009.