I think performance art is becoming ever more popular in Tehran art galleries faster than we expected. Surly this is something to cherish. In this performance/installation, the artist had his very own interpretation of life which he demonstrates in a short time. As an installation, the artwork is pleasing to look at . Perhaps you would be tempted to purchase one of those seven giant cocoons for your house. But as performance–if we can call it a performance as such–there was still room for making it more intriguing. Before becoming a butterfly, a caterpillar at least stays inside the cocoon for days and it takes hours for it to hatch. But Emil Lazar just stayed in his cocoon for some minutes and did not keep his audience waiting for long! This is while there was no implication or reference in the artwork to those human cocoons that he himself talks about.  It was only a complete imitation of what a butterfly goes through. To be brief, the story of cocoons and butterflies has more to say!