Shamim Mostaghimi: Principally, this is a playground. But what makes us consider it a playground? The table in the middle. Is this table sufficient for this place to become a playground? Apparently, the lively colour of the table and its irreducible presence is supposed to make us ignore the asphalt flooring and ugly surrounding walls which have nothing to do with the idea of play. In fact, this is not a playground. However, an official in municipality in charge of urban spaces will indicated in his report that he has turned a useless piece of land into a playground. He would attach a picture of some people playing to the report. And it would turn into a playground. Yes. The attachment of objects to concepts is such that if one is not aware, he would suffer badly. For instance, we think that a white screen and a movie projector make up a movie theatre. Or that four walls create a house, or even worse, a gallery; or that a table can create a playground. In this country, objects are identical to concepts. Thus, concepts are so rigid and thick. That is why the concepts are thorns in our sides. Like this table. Because it is not only a table. It tries to persuade you that a place that is not a playground is a playground! Like this photo by Ehsan Barati, it brings a question to the level of consciousness.