This photo is undoubtedly by Arman Estepanian. If you have seen his previous works, you easily realize that this is his. The artist has incorporated various elements each with a different historical background. The polish chairs and the women in chador are nicely flaunting the mixture of Iranian and Armenian cultures. Meanwhile the photo with the use of a limited number of elements is roaming around history and is keeping us suspended between the present and the past. The painting by Francisco Goya from his ‘Los Caprichos’ is noticeable. As Goya said, he had intended to show the follies and vices found in every civilized society. It seems Estepanian cannot detach himself from his ironic, mysterious and nostalgic look, even when he tries to. The photo has the ability to mesmerize the viewer and give him the chance of enjoying different interpretations. Yet, without such interpretations you can still look at the photo and appreciate it. Other artists such as Yasumasa Morimura were also inspired by this Goya’s artwork. You can view Morimura’s work here and Goya’s original painting called ‘Nadie se conoce’ here.